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Bristol Pacific Homes - Why Bristol Pacific? Southern Massachusetts Custom Home Builder

Why Bristol Pacific?

  • Custom home capabilities – your home, your way

  • Flexibility in design – no cookie cutter mentality, just a great willingness to accommodate your wishes

  • Hand-on – we’re there and available before, during, after

  • The best subcontractors – many have been with us for years; great working relationships make a difference in the outcome

  • Reputation for top-to-bottom quality

  • Utilize the latest materials and best techniques, and build to the latest energy efficiency standards:

    • Building homes to Energy Star standards since 2002.

    • Winner of the Massachusetts Energy Star Home Builder Achievement Award in 2004.

    • Efficiency measures include cellulose insulation, high-efficiency heating equipment and extensive air sealing.

    • See the Energy Star Homes website and this press release for awards we have won.

    • See this article for an innovative heating solution we implemented in one of our apartment buildings. Confidence and pride in our work – in fact, many of our principals live in the neighborhoods we build.

  • Home owner satisfaction is backed by a generous one-year warranty.


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