Build on Your Land

If you own land, or have seen some residential land on which you would like to build a home, Bristol Pacific’s excellent construction team will work with you to make your dream a reality. We make the process easy by following these simple steps:

  • Is the land buildable? Among the things to consider are drainage or proximity to wetlands, presence of any ledge which might require blasting, or nearby easements.
  • City or town requirements to build a home – from permits to zoning laws, we’ll work with you to determine you have what you need.
  • Site work – this involves reviewing existing easements, if any, for utility installation, and site engineering to determine the best location on the land to build your new home
  • Home design – will you be using one of Bristol Pacific’s home designs or providing your own plan?
  • Budget – we’ll work with you to develop a budget for building your new home that outlines costs for each step of the construction process with an agreed upon “not to exceed” price
  • Tear down or total renovation – if you have a home which should either be torn down or totally renovated, we can work with you (and an architect if necessary) to build just the home you desire.

For more information, call Gary Michael at 774-357-5713 or email Gary:  We’ll provide a free consultation to ensure your land and new home investment is right for you.