Bristol Pacific has been building homes in Massachusetts since 1989.   We’re proud of our reputation for building homes and relationships with satisfied homeowners.

A Sampling of Some of Our Testimonials

 “A great home buying experience; from the friendly and honest realtors Lynda and Marli to the knowledgeable builder/Bristol Pacific partner, Gary, I knew we were associating ourselves with the right Team to plan, build, and finish our home.  High quality materials, structurally sound, energy efficient, and impeccable finish work are the hallmarks of the Highland Farms’ development.  The neighborhood has a hometown feel, is very close to all amenities, and is the community of many friendly neighbors.  You too will be pleased.”    —   Tom M

“Buying a new house at Highland Farms was a dream come true for our family.  We love the neighborhood and could not ask for more.  Lovely place to raise a family or live in a nice area in retirement.”   —   Kelemu

“Four months have passed since moving into my new Laurel home.   I just thought that I’d let you know how much that I really love and enjoy my everyday life here.

Coming from a 100-year old house which I lived in for 45 years, I have often envisioned living in a more modern setting.  The brightness in the living area accentuates the beauty and size of the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The huge master bedroom and bathroom have that luxurious feel.  The walk-in closet is definitely a plus, also.  Standing on the deck at night, it feels like you can reach out and almost touch the stars.

The neighbors are all very friendly and you can usually find someone to chat with. Everyone seems to take a lot of pride in their properties.

All the amenities of the house are built using the best available products.  I know that this will my home forever!

Just wanted to let you all know how much I am enjoying where I live.  I am so thankful for the ways that you have all made my dream a reality!”    —   Sincerely, Melanie Lussier

“Everything they say they’ll do for you, they do. I can’t say enough good things about them”
– Mike Moynagh, Forest Park

”Their willingness to work with us and the ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude were just wonderful.”
– Rosemary (& Ronald) Raymond, Woodlyn Estates


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“They built our house in a brutally cold winter and spring. The carpenters were shoveling out snow before the house was closed in to bring in the windows. But they said they’d finish it in June, even with our modifications, and they did. It was above and beyond.”
– Rosemary (& Ronald) Raymond, Woodlyn Estates

”We have had four new homes built for us since 1969. Working with Bristol Pacific on our retirement home was the best experience of them all.”
– Paul (& Kathryn) Colucci, Meadowbrook Farm

“The project manager was phenomenal in working with us. And we moved in only five days behind schedule – but for a house of this size, we weren’t complaining. Based on our positive experience, we would never use another builder.”
– David & Carl McCarthy, Trout Pond Acres

”They’re great guys. We only called three times after moving in with minor issues, like a well pump wire that had become disconnected. Each time they responded immediately.”
– Timothy (& Karen) Flaherty, Trout Pond Acres

”I’ve lived in Westport all my life, and so it was easy to check into which builders were good and which were bad. I went with Bristol Pacific for their excellent reputation, and they lived up to it.”
– Gary (& Kerri) Grondin, Meadowbrook Farm

”I would highly recommend Bristol Pacific. They’re straight shooters. That’s not something you can say about all builders – I’m a mortgage broker, so I know better than most people.”
– Jason Souza, Trout Pond Acres

”They let us move in on a Friday, even though the closing was delayed unexpectedly to the following Monday. Not all builders would be that considerate.”
– Jason Souza, Trout Pond Acres

”I was the general contractor for my first home, so I knew what to look for. Bristol Pacific built my second home, and I had a very good experience. One nice surprise was the landscaping. It’s always at the tail end, when the budget is low, but they included landscaping that was way nicer than I expected.”
– Debbi Jacob Wynne, Meadowbrook Farm

“We had moved here from England one year before and didn’t know if we could get a mortgage. The people at Bristol Pacific were extremely helpful in that process and they built us a home that we love. Our experience was extremely positive from the word go.”
– Pauline (& Rolf) Voss, Oakridge Lane

”The fit and finish, the way the houses are set back farther, the landscaping – all these things help make their homes and their developments classier and a cut about others we’ve seen.”
– Kevin & Nicole Murray, Meadowbrook Farm

”Their quality is exceptional. We were on site asking the framer about the hurricane bracing and the extra sill bolts – things you’d never see once the house was finished. They weren’t required by code, but he told us that’s the way he builds. We found this level of quality at every stage.”
– Kevin & Nicole Murray, Meadowbrook Farm

”I modified the design and finish of my single-floor home to be comfortable and maintenance-free and to let in lots of natural light. Bristol Pacific is a first-class outfit; the workmanship and materials are outstanding.”
– John Coyne, Forest Park

”Bristol Pacific was very, very good to us. It was comforting knowing that they oversaw the whole building process and took responsibility for everything. I recommend them without hesitation.”
– Nancy (& John) DeMello, Meadowbrook Farm

”Our second house with Bristol Pacific is being designed for our special-needs daughter. Their architect’s suggestions were very helpful – some were things we might have missed. So we’re getting a home that will work especially well for us.”
– Kathy (& Mike) Valentine, Meadowbrook Farm

”They have a real estate firm they work closely with, so the process of selling our existing home and buying our second home with Bristol Pacific is seamless.”
– Kathy (& Mike) Valentine, Meadowbrook Farm